Weathered Boards and Rustic Hemlock:

A door made from Rustic Hemlock Mushroom Wood

Rustic Hemlock Wood Door

Weathered wood can be used to make wainscoting, ceiling board, exterior siding and more. Most weathered boards are what is salvaged from barns and corrals.

The mushroom wood is different. It comes from the East Coast and is used in the mushroom houses to hold soil for growing mushrooms. Because mushrooms do not need light, they stack growing beds up to the ceiling. The soil is removed, and the boards are pressure washed between mushroom crops to prevent disease. The microbiological activity mixed with the pressure washing process begins to turn the board into a very unique design over time. One advantage mushroom wood has is that in spite of the variation on each board, the boards match in color and style, so you won’t need to worry about being short and not being able to match your project.

Siding on a house:


Mushroom wood closeup and an old building with it: