Tree Art

This Silver Maple tree was originally planted at the Assayers Office in Boise in the late 1800’s. Due to disease, it was removed in the summer of 2022 by a tree service company. We purchased the log from that tree service company because it had an excellent shape and was hollowed by termites. We began the project of making a tree-house with no specific customers in mind. First we got the log ground smooth on the inside and built a door and two windows.  We contacted several individuals and found a gentleman on the recreation board at the City of Star. The star City council wanted an artistic playground piece and they hired us to complete the job. They gave us artistic license and once everyone agreed on the kind of tree-house to make, we continued and completed the project, craning into place in
January of 2023. It is located at the River House in Star, Id It is often described as a Keebler House or an Elf House.

Work With Us

At River Valley Woodworks, we take careful measures to make certain that our wood has been processed for reliability in quality and endurance. We service all of Boise and the surrounding areas and use locally sourced logs and wood to create our products. Our most popular and exclusive product is our live edge slabs. Live edge slabs are always unique, as each tree has different markings. This makes live edge slabs perfect for tables and countertops. Our specific skill set allows us to create the perfect wooden product for your home or business. We craft our live edge slabs for do-it-yourself woodworkers, as well as residential and commercial properties and construction contractors. For more information or to see our extensive wood collection, contact us today!