Barn Makeovers:

Our Shop

Our shop is a great example of a barn that was created from reclaimed beams and boards. See our shop

Colorado Wagon Barn

This wagon shed was moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado. Due to approaching winter, the crew did this in 5 days. View the Project

Eastern Barn Relocation

This large barn was taken apart piece by piece and relocated to a new property over 100 miles from the original site. View the Project

Barn Foundation Installation

This barn was completely dismantled before a concrete pad was poured to sustain its future use as a garage. The barn was then rebuilt on the concrete pad. View the Project

Cross-State Barn Move

This barn was originally built in Pennsylvania and the owner contacted us to have it moved to New York. We completely disassembled the structure and transported it across state lines to a property of his in New York. We then re-built and improved the barn. View the Project