About Us:


We procure large urban logs from the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. We use logs from trees that are dying or need to be removed because of other reasons. Of the logs that tree services are removing anyway, we carefully select for species, quality, and size. After cutting the logs, we air dry them for approximately one year, then kiln dry them for around 6 to 8 weeks. The kiln drying is done carefully so that slabs have consistent drying throughout the wood. After that, they are placed on a surfacing machine. The end product is something that a person who enjoys woodworking can select out of our warehouse and take home and make a dining table or counter top. Slabs vary from 12″ wide for shelving and stair treads to slabs that are up to 68″ wide and 18′.

Come see our shop:

Visit our shop to see the collection of rustic wood, reclaimed boards, finished beams, and more! This is a great destination for homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers. Since we are a small home business and run out on errands and jobs, please call before coming. Thank you!

Phone: 208-559-1651

24249 Hoskins Rd,
Wilder Idaho 83676