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Live Edge Slabs

Our natural live edge slabs are remarkable because we saw our logs across the grain, exposing the beautiful inner wood of our carefully selected, urban hardwood trees. We cut them into slabs that vary from 12″ up to as wide as 68″, creating large wooden surfaces for tabletops, countertops, kitchen islands, conference tables, sliding doors, bar tops, desktops, and more. Once cut, we use spacers to ensure the wood dries appropriately during the aging process, which can take as long as a year. Once dried, the slab is placed into a kiln, where it is dried to between 8% and 10% moisture. Then, the slabs are expertly surfaced using a surfacing machine to create these home furnishings.

While live edge slabs are our most popular choice, we also provide reclaimed flooring, beams, and other home furnishings. The variation in urban trees causes a wide variety of styles and grain so that almost every piece is unique.  At River Valley Woodworks, we are careful to select and prepare the wood so that it is both unique and reliable. We provide woodworking pieces for residential customers, construction contractors, and commercial properties in and around Treasure Valley and Boise, ID. Whether you need a piece custom- created for you or you would like to choose one from our shop, we offer something for every woodworking aficionado.


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Unique & Distinctive 

High Quality Woodwork

River Valley Woodworks is situated in Wilder, Idaho, but we serve all of Treasure Valley, including Boise, ID. Our woodworking business is family-owned, and we offer a wide variety of high-quality wood products for both businesses and residential properties. When it comes to woodworking, we specialize in live edge slabs and reclaimed wood. Our slow- drying process along with our specialty equipment allows us turn these large, urban logs into beautiful, unique hardwood products and furnishings. We specialize in  Black Walnut, Sycamore, American Elm, Siberian Elm, Silver Maple, Ash, Oak, and Catalpa hardwood slabs. All of these species are found within a 50-mile radius of our shop.

Our Services

We work closely with tree service companies to reclaim trees that are being removed. The majority of the trees we harvest are coming down for reasons other than woodworking: they may either be dying or pose a safety threat to surrounding structures. We often can offset the cost of tree removal to the homeowner while turning the logs into beautiful products rather than seeing them go to the landfill.  As woodworkers, we love working with clients to create unique pieces for them, and we also enjoy providing inventory to other woodworkers that enables them to serve their customers as well. With a background in reclaimed wood from dismantling old barns, corrals, and log houses, as well as taking down hardwood trees, we have access to and offer a wide variety of specialty wood products.

Modern To Rustic

Quality First

  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Conference Tables
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Flooring
  • Shelving
  • Countertops and Tabletops
  • Tables
  • Beam Construction
  • Home Furnishings

From modern to rustic, the team at River Valley Woodworks has a variety of options for your Treasure Valley or Boise, ID home, or office.